Compliance with Organizations :

e-RAILSAFE CANADA enables you to easily manage compliance tasks and ensure that your organization, personnel and subcontractors meet the requirements of your clients on this system and adhere to their mission-critical policies.

How It Works
  1. Subscribe
    Organizations visit , complete the online subscription process, and pay the one-time sign-up fee.

  2. Create Personnel Files
    Subscribing organizations login to create Personnel e-Files for their personnel by entering their info into the system including contact details, photos, required consent forms and other relevant documents.

  3. Register with Other Subscribers
    Subscribing organizations find other organizations on the system and request permission to register with them.

    Registration is required to participate in programs administered by another organization on this system. Each organization is solely responsible for the criteria by which another organization is granted permission to register with their organization.

  4. Request Program Clearance
    Subscribing organizations that are registered with another organization on the system, may request clearance to access programs administered by that organization. Clearance to a program is required before participants can be assigned to that program.

  5. Make Personnel Assignments
    Subscribing organizations that have entered their personnel into the system can assign their employees to the appropriate organizations in which they are registered.

  6. Comply with Required Programs
    Assigning Personnel to an organization automatically administers the appropriate Compliance Program of that organization. Assigned Personnel are issued a username and password so that they may review and complete required compliance tasks as per assignments assigned by their employer.

  7. Receive Workplace Credentials
    Successful completion of program requirements will result in participants being give IN COMPLIANCE status and which may trigger automatic issuance of credentialing such as certificates, ID badges and more. Credentialing is an excellent way to acknowledge promotional achievement, confirm compliance, or to identify eligibility to access key worksites.

PLEASE NOTE: Subscribers who maintain Compliance Programs on this system are solely responsible for the criteria by which approvals and denials are made for organizations and personnel assigned to such programs.


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